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Traffic Services

A dynamic and professional team with a wide experience in the sector, helped by various control programs and a fleet with GPS device who control all the process at any time.

In constant contact with other departments to ensure that everything works perfectly. Standard of our service Languages: Spanish, French and English and available from 8:00 to 19:00 non-stop

Service road crews

Our drivers are aware of the ecological conduction, also trained to improve in their daily tasks and are aware that their work goes well done.

Service Quality and Environment

The most important project of our company is obtaining various certificates of quality and sustainable development, managing in continuity and seriously allows us to improve day after day on this project. We strive to achieve the expected results: creation of many points of self-control, involvement of all our staff, looking for incidences, implementation of solutions and control the results.

We control our own waste and residues, taking commitment on sustainable development and the objective of environmental improvement.

Departamento de LOGISTICA

Logistic service

2,850 m2 of covered area and 5,000 m2 of outdoor storage capacity. Qualified staff for the preparation of orders, stock management and storage program, supported by 2 Forklift with lifting capacity of 1500 kg and 3000 kg respectively.

Administrative department

All administrative works is carried directly in our facilities, and we can respond immediately to all types of administrative incidences, such as sending the shipping documentation, etc ... Our official documents and invoices are archived for 10 years in physical paper and digital one. Update with the Data Protection law and all legislation, full program Gestion during all the process.

Human Resources Service

Update in all legislation on the labor code and fulfillment of all regulations on staff (working time and rest time of our drivers, health, etc. ....). Proceeded personal selection process, organized training program imparted by the various laws and training on sustainable development.

Workshop Service

Strict control on preventive maintenance of our own fleet with our management program, enables us to shorten the time during the overhaul or repair. Through the use of high quality and latest generation lubricant components increases the service life of our vehicles and reduce harmful waste to the environment.

The use of tires ECO label, allows us to save fuel and consumed in accordance with our tire supplier, our retreading used tires generates 40% less waste.

All this has been possible thanks to the skill of our workshop staff and our modern facility.


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