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The two-stage system is the ideal solution to transport various merchandises up even indivisible or fragile and generally cannot be stacked or superimposed by its size, by the difference in measurement of shuffleboard or instability of this last one.
Model "B" for original van-type trailers Vreden (Germany)

  • Double floor loading rails with longitude 1650 mm fully integrated (without affecting the width of loading).
  • The actuator rod of the support beams embedded in the last channel.
  • Vertical frame of 50 mm.
  • Rails glued ensuring impeccable hygiene (without rivets)
  • Safe damage to the goods.
  • Additional weight SKO with double shelf approximate 11x 3 295 kg (with rail lifting beam)
  • Filling with pieces of aluminum, fixed abutment at the lower end of the double rail
  • Condensation water outlet through holes are in the way, directly below the filler piece "prepared for DOST - trackless" is unavailable.
  • Distance between the floor above and the lower edge of the rails varies according to the height of the load.
  • Flat Side under the rail / hollow DOST
  • Possibility to integrate a loading track retention double height rail DOST.


Strict control on preventive maintenance of our own fleet with our program enables us to shorten the time during the overhaul or reparation. Through the use high quality lubricant and components increases the service life of our vehicles and reduce harmful waste to the environment.

The use of tires ECO label, allows us to save fuel and consumed in accordance with our tire supplier, our retreading used tires generates 40% less waste.

All this has been possible thanks to the skill of our workshop staff and our modern facility.


Mesquitrans own staff, awareness on the environment, is in charge of maintenance of our vehicles using eco-label products, lubricants, spare parts, tires, etc. ... Our mechanics have acquired a great knowledge on the management of waste and residues .


Classic warehouse logistics: our location in Massanes within the province of Girona allows us to offer logistics solutions tailored to your need for storage to distribution of your goods.

Infraestructuras: Infrastructure: 2850 m2 of covered area and 5000 m2 of outdoor area.

Traceability: our computer systems of our warehouse management guarantee full traceability in real time by unit, the management of your FIFO products; we also perform general inventory or specific products on request.

Handling means: We have 2 Forklift with lifting capacity of 1500 kg and 3000 kg respectively, and our qualified staff for the preparation of orders, picking, etc...

Whatever the nature of your products, packaging or size of your company, we will make you a detailed and personalized quote according to your logistical needs.





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