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We are leader in road freight transport: every day we transport more than  875,000 km of merchandises, opening new routes in our European network. Operating in the sector since 1986 with a modern and dynamic vision of our company more than 60 employees is at your service.

Over than 7.2 million km and ship more than 210,000 tons of cargos by year, it why we want to contribute to the preserved the environment and we get involved in sustainable development, that why in 2012 we acquired the charter on our CO2 reduction commitment that produce our vehicles.

In 2012, we emit 0.8967 kg of CO2 per km traveled, in 2014 it was 0,8816 kg of CO2 per km traveled,  in 2015 0,8660 kg of CO2 per km traveled, in 2016 we managed to decrease below 0.8600 kg of CO2 per km and in 2017 we emit 0,8367 kg of CO2 per km traveled.

Currently we are in process to achieve this aim; we chose renewable energy option, using organic fuels and incorporating in 2014 and 2015, new technologies truck update with the European emission standards EURO 6 legislations.

Our fleet consists of 50 trucks with Standards EURO 5 and 6, and 65 semi-trailers TAUTLINER with characteristic EN 12642 XL, which allows us to transport all types of merchandises: wind turbine parts, cars, commodities, household, equipment IT, etc ... We work in all types of load: full or partial loading, export as import your merchandises, delivery at the national level ...

Constantly adapting as logistics applications such as storage, we invested in 2015 in the construction of our own warehouse to solve your problems of storage and distribution logistics. More than 1,750 customers have entrusted us.

We drive to success this commitment and to do this is practicable: train our drivers on an ecological driving, train our mechanics to use always Ecolabel products such as lubricants, tires, etc...., train our staff on waste recycling generated in our facilities, train our traffic staff service avoiding unnecessary waste of fuel optimizing the best trips with our program and GPS system and so guide our drivers, train our administrative staff on legislation update, such as fiscal or labor code, ensuring the success of Mesquitrans’s internal controls. The company’s management is fully committed to this project and provides its employees the resources and training continually.

Thanks to that, in 2013, we obtained ISO 9001 certification label, and in 2015 obtaining the ISO 14001, certificate Label proving our commitment to the preservation of the environment and our planet.

With passion since 1986.




Headquarters: Our Head Office is located in the "Galileo Business Park  (TERUEL)

Our facility consists 100 m2 of offices.



Warehouse and workshop: Are located in the "Polígono Industrial Marqués de Barri Massanes (Girona)" Our facility consists  10.000 m2 of parking area and 2.500 m2 warehouse to offer you the best services in terms of logistics, storage and picking that characterized us by obtaining the ISO 14001 certificate Label, obtained in 2015 granted by the Generalitat of Catalonia, which proves that our truck fleet is involved into the environment preservation and sustainable development.






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